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Get Well Soon


Why You Chose This Particular Time To Get
Seems To Us An Insensitive Choice. ... View Full Sms

Letís Go, Get Up, Stop Faking It;
Get Your Sorry Behind Off That Bed.
Try Positive Thinking To Get Back To Work. ... View Full Sms

Be The Sky Above You,
Blue Soft Be The Road Below You,
Affection Be The Breeze Around You, ... View Full Sms

We Have Latest And Wide Sms Messages Collection
Of Get Well Soon Messages,
Wishes, Quote & Greetings. ... View Full Sms

A Dua For U:
Oh Allah, I Don?t Know Of All The
Challenges This Person Has, ... View Full Sms

Irshad Hai.,
?Jab Duaa Sey Baat Na Banay To Faisla
Allah Par Choor Do Allah Tala Apnay ... View Full Sms

?Naya Din Shuro Karne Ki Dua?
Hasbi-Y-Allah-O- La Illaha Illah Huwa, Allehe Tawakalt-O- Wahuwa
Rabu-L-Arshil Azeem. ... View Full Sms

Aaqa (As) Ne Frmaya:
Jis Ko Pasand Ho K Allah Mushkalaat Aur
Takaleef K Waqt Us Ki Duaa Qabul Karay, ... View Full Sms

Use These 2 Dua?s.
Ven Openning Question Paper:
Rabbi Yassir Wala To-Assir ... View Full Sms

Early In Da Morning Sun Rise With May
Hopse But Its Set With Hopelessly.
All Da Flowers Were Bloom This Evening With ... View Full Sms


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